Downloads & Test wins

Task 5: Maintain downloads

Step 1: Create a new download item below

Step 2: Maintain the download item

Headline of the category: My training downloads

Name of the download: Training 2021

Image and file of the download: The image and file you placed on the exApp 17 server before

See the exApp17 documentation

My training downloads

Training 2021

Training 2021

Task 6: Maintain "Test wins"

Create two test win categories

Category 1:

ID: very_efficient

Name (Label): Very Efficient

Category 2:

ID: very_innovative

Name (Label): Very Innovative

Create a new test win item (called Vacuum Cleaners # Test Win Item ID) ignore the file name input box

Maintain the test win item

Visual of the test winner: 20000085449

Award: 20000167936

Headline (automatically filled when creating the Test Win element): Vacuum Cleaners

Product Headline: Complete C3 Series

Copy: Miele has the best rated vacuum cleaners.

Category: Very Innovative

Washing Machines

W1 Active Series

We won. We are One. Miele is THE one. For you. For me. For all.

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Vacuum Cleaners

Complete C3 Series

Miele has the best rated vacuum cleaners.

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