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Miele App Release Notes - Versions 4.12.0 and 4.12.1

Miele App Release Notes - Versions 4.12.0 and 4.12.1

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Explore the exciting new features and improvements in the latest version of the Miele app. We recommend downloading the latest version to unlock the full potential of your Miele home appliances. The Miele app is available on the App Store (iOS), Google Play Store, and other major Android app stores in China.

Please note: Not all features are available in every country and for every appliance model. The scope of functions may also vary depending on the location and specific appliance model.

Miele App Version 4.12.1 (April 3rd, 2024)

  • This version contains improvements regarding the startup behaviour of the app. Stay tuned for even more features and enhancements in upcoming releases! We hope you enjoy using the Miele app.

Miele App Version 4.12.0 (March 26th, 2024)

SELF-HELP: Artificial Intelligence (AI) Diagnostics

  • The new AI Diagnostics feature offers AI-powered analysis of potential appliance faults based on individual appliance and usage data and offers step-by-step solutions.

  • Supported appliances: Current W1 washing machines and T1 dryers.

SUSTAINABILITY: Consumption Dashboard - Monthly Report

  • A new Monthly Report provides insights into individual home appliance usage patterns over time, including Eco programme usage, programme count, and energy and water consumption. The report aims to help users to self-reflect on their usage behaviour.

  • Supported appliances: Washing machines and dishwashers.

LAUNDRY: Optimisation of TwinDos Level Adjustment

  • Users can benefit from an improved user experience when adjusting the TwinDos fill levels for their washing machines.

DISHWASHING: ECO Programme Promotion

  • The new Eco programme promotion helps users discover the programme's benefits, including water and energy savings. A new label highlights the programme, and a dedicated Eco page details its advantages, encouraging frequent use and a positive environmental impact.

COOKING: Operating Mode Descriptions

  • Detailed descriptions for operating modes are now displayed for better user understanding.

COOKING: Demo Mode for Recipes

  • Users can now explore recipes in demo mode without logging in. After viewing 3 recipes, a limited view is available.

COFFEE: Double Shot & One Touch For Two for CM7 coffee machines

  • Users can now activate a double shot or dispense two beverages with one touch and fine-tune the strength and quantity of their coffee drink by choosing the number of cups and intensity level.

IN-APP SHOP: New Offers Section

  • A new “Offers” page provides a convenient overview of all current promotions.

PAIRING: Faster and Easier Pairing for Future Miele Appliances

  • Future Miele appliances will benefit from faster and easier pairing thanks to automatic appliance recognition via a new QR code scan technique and further technical improvements. These enhancements will become standard for all future connectable Miele appliances with compatible Wi-Fi modules, with many 125 Gala Edition models being the first to enjoy them.

  • Miele app version 4.12.0 introduces support for Bluetooth when connecting Miele appliances to the home Wi-Fi network, offering a new pairing option available with future Miele appliances that have Bluetooth built in.


  • Refrigeration K4000 series: The Miele app now supports the new K4000 series tabletop refrigeration appliances K4002, FN4002, and K4003, with basic functions like temperature control and notifications.

  • Hoods: The Miele app now supports several new hoods, including head-free and ceiling extractor models launching in April and May 2024.

Improvements and bug fixes

  • Improved User Consent: We have resolved an issue where users were repeatedly asked to confirm consent for newsletters and error image reporting.

  • Delay Start Time Fix (Android 14): A wrong time was displayed on Android 14 devices after setting a delay start time for a chosen programme. The app now accurately displays and sets the delayed start time for appliances with a delay start function.

  • Improved Appliance Display: Since the last app release, users can also add their non-connectable appliances to the Miele app. We have resolved an issue where the Miele app did not correctly identify and display these appliances on the dashboard. An exception is still Miele's ironing appliances.

  • Warranty Date Fix: You can now set accurate purchase dates for all your appliances in the Warranty section (pre-2020 dates are now allowed).

  • CM7 Coffee Machines Fixes: Improved user experience with consumable alerts and enhanced app stability.

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