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Miele app Release Notes - Version 4.12.2

Miele app Release Notes - Version 4.12.2

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Explore the exciting new features and improvements in the latest version of the Miele app. We recommend downloading the latest version to unlock the full potential of your Miele home appliances. The Miele app is available on the App Store (iOS), Google Play Store, and other major Android app stores in China.

Please note: Not all features are available in every country and for every appliance model. The scope of functions may also vary depending on the location and specific appliance model.

HOODS: DynamicWhite Lighting Control

  • Exclusively available via the Miele app, this innovative feature allows you to personalize the lighting in your kitchen. Adjust the colour temperature (warm white to cool white) and brightness of your compatible hood's cooking light to create the perfect ambience.

  • Supported Models: DAH 4870, DAH 4970, DAH 4880, DAH 4980, DAC 4940, DAC 4943, DAC 4240

REFRIGERATION: Enhanced Wine Unit Management

  • The Miele app now fully supports the new generation of freestanding KW(T) 4000 series wine units. Control all essential functions directly from your mobile device, including:

    • Target and current temperature per zone

    • Air filter status

    • Appliance modes (sabbath mode, safety lock)

  • Plus, enjoy these additional features:

    • Humidity Control: Set and monitor the ideal humidity level for your wine (low, medium, high) with real-time visualization of the current level (the number of adjustable zones and levels varies by model).

    • Presenter Light Control: Create the perfect showcase for your wine collection by adjusting the light intensity for each zone (the number of zones varies by model).

  • Availability: This feature is available in all countries.

Bug fixes

  • Recipe Display Fix: We have resolved an issue that prevented users in certain regions from accessing Recipes in the Miele  app. Now, you can browse recipes seamlessly, regardless of your app language.

  • Laundry: Monthly Report Access Fix: An app crash affecting some users when accessing the Monthly Report on the "Statistics" tab of their washing machines has been resolved. This issue mainly affected users with Finnish, Turkish, Japanese, Korean, Hungarian, or Portuguese language settings. You can now access your Monthly Report data without any issues.

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